Packaging & Shipping
Packaging & Shipping

High quality products need nice packaging, Forests Packaging Group takes this fact for granted, because it is really important that our customers are happy and satisfied when they get intact products. We will find the best packaging method according to the type of the product. Here are some tips for your reference.
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    1. If you want to order a full container, all boxes could be loaded into a covering carton for better protection, and the carton could be loaded on a pallet for easy loading and unloading by forklift. 
    Large boxes that cannot be loaded into a cover carton can be packed in a kraft paper and loaded into the container in good condition. We could put them on standard or custom pallets for easy (un)loading.
    If you want to save space for loading more boxes, bundled packing is a good option. All bundled  boxes would carefully be loaded into a full container. Make the most of container space.
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    2. Boxes that make a less than full container can be wrapped in kraft paper pallets with stretch film for better protection.
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    3. Of course, we can execute a packaging method that you specify, and will offer suggestions for better packaging.
To ship products effectively and fast we have self-management import and export rights; you can choose any type of shipment you want: by sea, by air, by express, by train, etc. Moreover, our truck team comes in to make sure that we deliver in whatever circumstances.

With our team of project management specialists analyzing, planning, and monitoring every step of every delivery you can be certain that things will run smoothly. So whether it's a little local delivery or an international one, our customers feel confident  to put their faith and deliveries in us.

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